Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Autodesk 3ds Max Design Training - Day Two

US CAD, Steve Bennett Instructor

  • Need to be in modify tab to get Graphite Modeling Tools to show up for an object.
  • Look at creating a tool to create Topology lines instead of hand drawing them. Create polyline around area and then draw lines spaced a distance apart.
  • Cool terrain tools and simplifying terrain surfaces.
  • Draw 2D in AutoCAD and bring it into 3ds Max, instead of drawing it in 3ds Max. Easier to draw 2D lines there.
  • Vertice Types
    • Corner
    • Bezier - Adds curves to the lines (similar to a spline)
    • Bezier/Corner
  • Always choose to close the spline if you want a closed object.
  • Can go back in and add vertex types to the vertices.
  • Yellow vertices indicate the vertices are not connected. First vertex it is called young jedi.
  • Make sure when using the Lathe modifier that it is closed.
  • Boolean is named after mathematician George Boole.
  • Don't have coplanar objects when doing boolean faces.
  • Sweep - Single Shape.
  • Loft - Multiple shapes.
    • Align first vertex at the same location.
  • If snap active (2D/3D) the move gizmo does not work.
  • P to get perspective.
  • Link FBX File:
  • Freezing is like a lock in AutoCAD. Can still see the object, but it's not editable.
  • Use materials to create textures, Bump file darker farther away lighter closer. Adjust color scale based on object types.
  • Need to make sure to rename the material when creating a new material by dragging to an empty material default.
  • ProMaterials get you started out quickly when using Mental Ray.
  • Page 3-95 of book to look at ProMaterials for types and explanation.
  • Reflectance is the amount of light that bounces off a surface, page 3-85 has a list of typical values.
  • Missed about an hour of the class for a conference call regarding a project. Missed a bunch of stuff on materials.
  • Objects, Materials, Maps - Map Scaling Explicit over entire site one, Map Scaling Continuous individual bitmap applied many times to an object.
  • Material that has map modifier need same real world scale.
  • Places materials are saved: Material Editor, Material Library, Viz Render Material File (Abandoned Product).


Anonymous said...

How many Star Wars references did Steve make today?

Christopher Fugitt said...

There wasn't that many today.


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