Thursday, April 16, 2015

Slope Stake Report Through XREF

Have you ever wanted to run the slope stake report on a corridor through an XREF? Well I have and I now am giving way the a version of the report that does just that. Here is a link to a dll and the source code:

The dll has been tested on Civil 3D 2014 and Civil 3D 2015, and should work on Civil 3D 2013. To get the report to run download and unzip the file. Go into

C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D 2015\enu\Data\Reports\Net

Replace the 2015 with appropriate year you want to save replace the standard Civil 3D report.

Next rename the C3DReport.dll file to something else or move it to another location. This way if the report doesn’t work you can simply remove my version and replace it with the original.

Now go into the downloaded zip file and find the C3DReport.dll and copy it to the above location where the old report dll file was located at.

That should be it. The next time you run the slope stake report it should use the new report and allow you to run the slope stake report through an xref.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Civil BIM

I'm looking for some votes and ideas over at the Infraworks Idea Station. I'm looking for a focus on Civil BIM features. Currently I find Infraworks greatly lacking on BIM and I figure the best way to get those features is to muster a Civil BIM Army to advocate for it. Who's up for the easy challenge of either contributing ideas or upvoting with Kudos?

I've already posted a few and will post some more. I'm looking to design with actual objects such as curb and gutter, sidewalk, pavement, and more!


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