Sunday, August 23, 2020

Autodesk Doesn't Care About Civil 3D

 Autodesk recently released Project Explorer for Civil 3D. Project Explorer is adequately named in that it only works with Civil 3D and no other Autodesk products. Instead of adding value to Civil 3D subscribers, Autodesk has decided to once again give the middle finger to Civil 3D subscribers and added the purchase to the AEC Collection instead of the Civil 3D subscription. The only product Project Explorer for Civil 3D works within the AEC Collection is Civil 3D. There seems to be no logical reason to add it to the AEC Collection only. 

I'm finding very little value across the AEC Collection since all I would use it for would be to access Civil 3D. I find InfraSucks a horrible product and Revit isn't of much use since I don't design buildings.

A subscription benefit is supposed to "Get instant access to the latest releases and enhancements." 

I'm not seeing the disclaimer of "...unless you subscribe to Civil 3D". So why isn't Autodesk providing Project Explorer for Civil 3D to Civil 3D Subscribers? 

For this reason, I'm officially telling people not to use or purchase Civil 3D or the AEC Collection. Autodesk doesn't care about you, and this adds to my existing long list of reasons. Find a different software provider that wants to give you value for the products you are paying for instead of taking your money, putting the money into different software, and then come back and tell you you have to pay more to get what you've already paid for. Autodesk isn't delivering on their promise of access to the latest releases and enhancements, so don't deliver your money to Autodesk. 


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