Monday, July 09, 2018

Just a Random Thought

Why spend so much time renaming modeling? Seems a better use of time would be to create great tools that users would want to use. Why would I want to use products that need to win a Dundie type award to stand out?

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Curb Return Design - Plane Method

This is in response to @jwilkerson post from years ago, found in this post:

The referenced formula is here: ArchiveLink

Not sure what the error he was referencing. It looks like the G2 arrow shown in the image is going in the wrong direction. I think it should be going from PI1 to B direction for the flow of water. It looks like they corrected the error in the PI3 by having the formula reverse the G2 slope. Here is a link to an Excel spreadsheet and a link to a drawing showing a plane solution that checks the values via a model. Both the drawing and Excel spreadsheet should be checked for correctness. It is provided only as a reminder to myself, since I’ve created this Excel spreadsheet before and forgot where I put it. Hopefully Google will find it next time I’m looking for it.



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