Thursday, August 23, 2007

Line Table

This method needs improvement, but it does create a AutoCAD table of bearings and distances or any other information you want added.

  1. Map>Object Data>Define Object Data (add field for tag number)
  2. Map>Object Data>Attach/Detach Object Data
  3. Go to lines and assign number in properties window (for tag)
  4. Map>Tools>Export
  5. Save as ESRI SHP file.
  6. On the selection Tab choose line and the objects you want exported.
  7. On the Data tab add the information you want in your table.
  8. Save the profile for use the next time.
  9. Open the *.dbf that is created during export.
  10. Copy the cells you want for your table.
  11. Paste Special the cells into AutoCAD as AutoCAD Entity.
  12. Change the format of the angle cells to Surveyor's Units.
  13. Use the Annotation feature under Map to add the Tag labels.

You may need to fill the holes by using Help, you may even find a better way and not have to export the file while looking in Help.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Autodesk University - 2007

If your looking to take (or avoid) my AU class this year look for my Autodesk provided stage name of testspeaker, testspeaker.

Also I am looking to do a run through of my AU presentation here in San Luis Obispo, CA. I'm looking to do it on September 18. If you are interested then drop me a line at for additional details.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Watch Out for Elevation Data

Here is something important to remember if you are having difficulty with a surface after creating the surface with imported points (the drawing is crashing). Make sure the elevations are with in a reasonable distance to each other. If one of the spots is at 110' and a single other point is at say 985,659,268.000' and another point at 9,587.843' the drawing will crash when you want to show contours at a foot interval. Well I guess it wouldn't crash if you had enough memory to draw all those contours. I could see how this would make a decent practical joke on someone, especially on a surface that they have been working in for a period of time.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

AEC Modify - Divide

Have you ever wanted to split a block in half (or any other fraction of it)? If you have then the next time you need one split try using the AEC Modify Tool, Divide. To use the command just right click in model space and choose the AEC Modify > Divide. Then choose the linework or block you want split. Pick two points in the drawing, they don't need to be across the over the linework or block since the program extends the two points to the outer most edge of the linework.

This also works on other objects than just blocks and may be an alternative method to break lines without having a gap. I can never remember how to break a line or polyline and not have a gap.


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