Saturday, April 15, 2006


Visualization notes from the Webcast

-To show EG and FG surfaces correctly need to use a hide boundary on the EG surface and an outer boundary on the FG. Need to use the same line for each boundary. Not sure on how this will affect FG surfaces which have holes in them since this method hides the EG holes that are in the finish grade surface. May have to create a third surface to show the hole.
(Add picture of hole from project)

-Need to add lane lines to roads. When adding the lane lines include the gaps, to indicate speed through the model. Also need to raise the lines above the road surface. Add 3D blocks for streetlights, trees and other obects.

-Need to add materials to the surfaces/corridors. Can also add pictures via mapping.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Boundary Trim

Chuck reminded me of this one this past week. Go to Map Menu, Map Tools and choose Boundary Trim. The command lets you trim all objects that cross a polyline you select. Chuck found it very useful for trimming out contours from a base file.

Text to Front


Brings all text and dimensions to the front of all the other objects in a drawing.


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