Monday, September 17, 2007

Changing Sides/Attachment Point in Subassemblies

Have you ever wanted to change a subassembly from the right side to the left side or vise verse. You have probably tried to do it in the properties window and noticed it is greyed out, it just won't let you do it.

There is a way to change it by going into the subassembly properties dialog box (just right click and choose subassembly properties...). Just go the parameters tab and click on the side box and choose left or right.

You can also change the attachment points of curbs in this same manner.

And since it was overwhelming in the poll questions to add pictures, I did this time.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Profile Views

Have you ever had the need to show a portion of an alignment as existing and another portion as proposed? While you can't do it with one profile view you can do it with two.

Create a profile view for the range of the profile you want shown as proposed. Next create a profile view for the existing station range. Now just set them side by side with the matching station adjacent to each other. The profiles should look like one profile. To change one of the profiles to look different go in to the Profile View Properties, Profile tab and set the Override Style to the one you want to show. You now should have a profile that changes looks along its range.

Sorry no pictures, just being lazy today.


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