Thursday, December 18, 2014

Die Viewcube, Die!!!!

I tried to like the viewcube that shows up in the corner of the screen. I really did, but it kept getting in the way. I needed to put it out of my misery. In order to do this you’ll want to go into OPTIONS. In options head over to the 3D Modeling Tab and then in the Display Tools in Viewport uncheck the 2D Wireframe visual style and possibly the All other visual styles check boxes. The viewcube will then go away.


This tends to be the number one tip people enjoy the most when I teach Civil 3D and I can definitely understand why.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Custom Bench Subassembly

Sometimes the regular Civil 3D benching just won’t work. It’s fairly bad at showing benching like it will be constructed in the real world. Sometimes it does work like in the image below where the roadway provides for a natural slope so the basins go into the downspouts.


Sometimes, like shown in the image below to the left, we want more control to provide low points. To get the case to the right it might take some time with some link slope and width to get it into the correct location.


With the custom bench subassembly one can set a profile elevation for the benching and get those results rather easily.

The pictures above where taken from an Infraworks presentation at Autodesk University, created by Autodesk. The model was created by HUITT-ZOLLARS, INC. users of the Custom Bench Subassembly.


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