Sunday, October 28, 2007

Changing an Alignment's Stationing

You can easily change the reference point for an alignment. I find this useful in my curb return designs. I set the alignment station value to start at the begin of the curb return, this way if I have to add more to the beginning of my curb return alignment the station values through the curb stay the same.

To change the station reference point, go to the Alignment Properties, Station Control Tab. Press the icon next to the Y: value of the Reference Point. When the message box pops us press OK. Then select the new reference point you want the stationing to emanate from. Then if you wish, change the station value to the one you want.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Data Shortcut Functionality in Civil 3D 2008

If you haven't moved from Civil 3D 2007 (SP3) to Civil 3D 2008 and you use data shortcuts here is another reason you may want to upgrade.

In Civil 3D 2007 (SP3) data shortcuts where located by object handle and name. In 2008 they changed how the xml file is created and now the data shortcut only cares about the object handle. This means that if you start out with Street A type names for the alignments you can change them to the actual street name once you get them.

As an added bonus the program makes the change when you bring the file forward from 2007 to 2008. So if you have this problem currently, now is a good time to upgrade.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Editing Dimension Annotation

The poll was unanimous in requesting that I should post again, I'm just glad I'm still smarter than my 2 year old daughter. I've been busy moving and writing my AU paper and didn't have time to post here.

I'm going with something that I just discovered with doing some CAD work. You can use the ddedit command to modify text in a dimension style. Just type ddedit and then select the annotation in a dimension label you want to modify. It even keeps the original dimension in the label, if you want or you can delete it and add your own fake dimension. Much easier than the way I was doing it through Properties.


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