Saturday, April 28, 2007

Creating Data Shortcuts With One Button

This is how to create a button to create data shortcuts with a one button push. To do this type cui in the command line, add a new toolbar, create a new command, in the properties of the new command change the name to what you want, add a description and then add the following in the macro spot:


Drag the new command to the new toolbar and you should be ready to go. As you can tell from the above there is no command for pipe networks, at least from what I could find.

There are some problems with this routine:
  • If profiles have the same name, it will say that it creates all of them, but they are not added to the list, only one instance of the name is created.
  • If you have the Panorama window open to data shortcuts you will need to validate the data shortcuts for them to show up.
  • If there are data shortcut objects in the file the program will create them, even though it is not allowed. So you will want to delete them before you export the file to not create problems.

This may not be all of the problems, but all of the ones I found. These are undocumented commands and may have problems because of this.

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