Saturday, May 12, 2007


Here is how to set the AECPOLYGON styles. Just take one of the created styles and right click and select Edit AEC Polygon Style. Go to the General Tab and changed the name for the style to something that makes sense, like Gravel. Now go the Display Properties Tab and click the Style Override box for the Model. Then double click on Model under Display Representations. Under Layer/Color/Linetype have the Interior Hatch to visable. Go to the Hatching tab and change the pattern for the Interior Hatch to Gravel, change the scale, angle and orientation to what you want.

You can also right click on the AECPOLYGON and choose Copy AEC Polygon Style and Assign... Just enter then name you want and then change the hatch to the one you want.

Now you can use the AECPolygon in creating details.

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