Thursday, August 23, 2007

Line Table

This method needs improvement, but it does create a AutoCAD table of bearings and distances or any other information you want added.

  1. Map>Object Data>Define Object Data (add field for tag number)
  2. Map>Object Data>Attach/Detach Object Data
  3. Go to lines and assign number in properties window (for tag)
  4. Map>Tools>Export
  5. Save as ESRI SHP file.
  6. On the selection Tab choose line and the objects you want exported.
  7. On the Data tab add the information you want in your table.
  8. Save the profile for use the next time.
  9. Open the *.dbf that is created during export.
  10. Copy the cells you want for your table.
  11. Paste Special the cells into AutoCAD as AutoCAD Entity.
  12. Change the format of the angle cells to Surveyor's Units.
  13. Use the Annotation feature under Map to add the Tag labels.

You may need to fill the holes by using Help, you may even find a better way and not have to export the file while looking in Help.

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