Friday, December 28, 2007

Microstation - Installed Today

Today I Microstation was installed on my computer at work. We are using the J version and V8 2004 (I may have the terminology wrong here). My first impression is that it doesn't look like Windows, which isn't a bad thing always, but in this case it looks barely better than a first version of a program converted from DOS to windows. The icons look older than they should and it just doesn't looked polished. My first impression isn't good for the Microstation.

I went to help to see if there are some tutorials, I couldn't find any so I just clicked on things and tried to see what buttons did. I didn't have much luck figuring things out. Hopefully I can find some tutorials in the future and learn how to use the program.

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Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone,

First and foremost my post is intended to be used as a tool for us to decide
whether or not to drop the Autodesk based product and switch to Bentley

I am a licensed civil engineer in the state of Colorado and use Autodesk
products for 99% of my civil design tasks. My knowledge with DCA to
Softdesk, to Autodesk, to Civil 3D started back in 1981 along with the use
of Intergraph workstations (beautiful equipment back then).

In either case how many of Bentley converts are there? If anyone can shed
some light on pros v. cons to help me decide whether or not a switch should
be made? I am obviously frustrated with the "lack of direction" Autodesk has
taken with Civil 3D and biased as to why it could not have been developed
with users of LDD in mind. I understand that they are implementing a new
programming/language platform but don't agree with the method that it has
been implemented to those of us who have used LDD for many years.

If I need to re-train msyelf and staff then I am better off going back to
the drafting board like some of my other colleagues in the industry. They
may not be making as much money but they sure as hell are much more relaxed!

I do not want to find mysef starting all over again in the near future due
to unfroseen technologies that Autodesk fails to look at? How have the
Bentley products maintained the changes in versions within its products? For
example, Bill Gates and his corporation continue to provide newer platforms
and versions but the core group of applications (MS Word, MS Excel..etc..)
do not change. I can always count on the software being updated but the core
methods of accomplishing a task has not changed.

Hope my rant is productive!


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