Friday, June 06, 2008

From Word to SpecsIntact

This isn't Civil 3D related, just a reminder to my self on how to convert a specification file from Word to SpecsIntact using some macros I created:

First load the toolbar from the (a Microsoft Windows template file). To do this go to the menu bar and choose Tools>Templates and Add-ins.

Next make sure the SpecsIntact toolbar is showing. If not go right click next to a toolbar and select the SpecsIntact toolbar:To use the toolbar just select within the text you want to add tags to. For instance if I wanted to add text tags to this paragaraph below:

I would place place the cursor with in the text you want the text tags added to and press the Text toolbar item to place the tags. The program will had the correct tag to the beginning and end of the paragraph.
Once you have gone through and added all of the tags copy the entire document and add it to a blank SpecsIntact file. You may want to create a new SpecsIntact file and paste within the document type tags.

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