Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Blog List

Some day I hope to make this list:

I sent feedback, but it was ignored like all of the CER reports I've sent in to Autodesk.

I must be doing something wrong, maybe I should be like Digging In... and only post once every 5 months. Or maybe I should jump ship to Autodesk, not be a peer anymore and still get to be on the list, like The Crazy World of Civil 3D and Angel's Civil 3D Thoughts. Dominick said he was going to post some more, but never did.

Remember the good old days when Civil 3D Rocks actually did Rock? Still on the list even though she moved most of the technical posts over to (even says so on her blog).

I have readership, about 82 page views per day, is that too much to make the list? Couldn't be since is on the list.

Maybe I should give up on the dream of being on the list and take solace in the fact that I made tenlinks recommended sites list for Civil 3D.


Dana said...

I don't think they have updated that list since the community site was launched. It will be two years ago in August... or maybe even July. They had all of us write a stupid blurb about our blogs and submit them. Since then, it apparently has been neglected. I will bring it up someday. But I am too busy not Rockin'. :P

Christopher Fugitt said...

Dana, you still rock!

Anonymous said...

Hombre, people who take the software seriously know where to look for the good stuff.
Forest's mother always said that lists is as lists does:)

Louisa Holland said...

No matter what - I still claim you are smarter than me ;)


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