Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Selecting Uncompleted Objects

Sometimes you go through the steps to create a profile or alignment get everything set to edit it and accidentally imageclose the Layout Tools before creating a segment. At first glance it appears you have to delete the alignment or profile from the Toolspace and start over. Luckily that isn't the case if you use the Quick Select tool. To use the tool just right click in Model space and choose the Quick Select option.

Once the Quick Select dialog comes up pick the Object type you want to select, in this case an alignment or profile. Next choose a property that you know is assigned to it such as the name of the profile or alignment. Using the wildcard option you can use part of the alignment or profile name. Press OK and then you should have the alignment or profile selected.


Now right click in Model space and you should have the option to edit the geometry data. While not a large time saver it may make you feel better not having to do work over again.

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