Monday, July 06, 2009

Major Station Label - Eliminate End Station

Expressions let you customize the way labels are shown. One instance where this may be useful is if you don’t want the end station shown on an alignment.


The manual way is to use select the individual label using the CTRL key and deleting it. Using expressions will always hide the end major station label. To create the expression go into Toolspace, Settings Tab and then right click and choose new under the Major Station grouping. The expression checks to see if the major station is the end station, if it is it makes the value really small, if its not the end station then it sets the text height as 0.06”.


Now go into the Major Station Label you want to use, in this case I’m using the ShrinkEndStation label style.


So now the end label is really small and won’t show.


There is one problem with this expression in that if the end station is at an even interval we probably want it to show. For this case we need to check to make sure the end station doesn’t end an even major station and if it does show the label. The final expression is below.


You can download the Civil 3D 2010 file which contains the file from this page:


Brian H said...

Can something like this be used in the profile view where the ending station is at the bottom of the profile?

Brian H said...

Can something like this be used in the profile view where the last station is listed at the bottom of the profile?

Christopher Fugitt said...

No, unfortunately expression cannot be used in the Profile View Style.

BigBry23 said...

What should I do if it doesn't show up in the attachments list?


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