Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I’m Not Quite Sure What to do

I was walking near the Ferry Building in San Francisco where I came across this sign. I saw the flashing rail car sign and the red hand. Mentally I can say I was confused the hand screamed stop and the train screamed walk.

SanFran 015

I’m not sure if the people rushing to get to the Ferry Building noticed the sign, they seemed to ignore both of them and walk straight across. I think the train should have been a different color, perhaps yellow for caution?

Talking of signs check out the new MUTCD for information on how to choose the correct sign for the correct location. I didn’t see a any standards for this case, but I think the eye would have been more appropriate here. I haven’t seen the eye before, but if you come across the eye it means to look out for cars as you use the crosswalk.


Joanie said...

What the What?

Anonymous said...

I love SFO...
...after seeing the sign outside The Stinking Rose that read "we season our garlic with food"...we had to eat there. Glad we did!


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