Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Can the same point be in multiple point groups?

A Civil 3D Point can be in multiple point groups. It can be in each of the point groups contained with in a drawing. All Civil 3D points belong to the _All Points Point Group.

Now when you start using Civil 3D you may be confused on how Civil 3D decides on how the point style and point label should be displayed. If left to it’s own devices the Point will be displayed based on the settings contained in _All Points. As additional point groups are added to the drawing and said point gets added to other point groups, the point decides how to get shown by the Point Group priority list. The Point Group Priority list may be found by right clicking on Point Groups in Prospector. The dialog box that comes up lets you rearrange winning point group.


This provides some power in that you can turn on and off points (and labels) from showing in the drawing by adjusting the position of the point group. You can also override this ability by modifying the Point’s style or label style in AutoCAD Properties.

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