Monday, November 07, 2011

Autodesk University 2011

After Thanksgiving I’m heading to Autodesk University. At the event I’ll be wearing a bunch of hats.

One of the ways I’ll be participating at Autodesk University (AU) will be as a speaker. I’ve got two sessions of Sanitary Musings, both on Wednesday. “In this unconference session, we will discuss sanitary sewer design using AutoCAD® Civil 3D®. We will evaluate the success of pipe rules; are they effective? We will talk about the best workflow for utility conflict resolution and share Label tips for communicating design intent. We will also talk about what to do when the proposed ends and the new begins. Finally, we will discuss how Boss StormNET® fits into the process.” There should be space available in one or both of the sessions. Now the session won’t be me presenting a lecture, but the audience members doing most of the talking with me facilitating the discussions. If you are planning on attending the session? Let me know I need some help from someone to take notes.

Another way I’ll  be participating is as an Exhibitor. Come by and meet during nearly all of the exhibit hours (I’ll be missing an hour due to a conflict with my Unconference sessions). Learn about all of the great services I can provide.

During AU I’ll also be checking out the media events and I’m sure a few meeting with other exhibitors. Some of the meetings may even end up as blog posts.

If you are also heading to Autodesk University stop by and say hi.

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