Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Importing Excel Data

With all of the new features that come out, sometimes it’s hard to catch what you may have missed in the past. In this video I’ll cover how copy and paste data from Excel into AutoCAD to get a table that prints nicely. Other methods such as printing to PDF or using an OLE image can come out blurry and not print well on the plans. this method alleviates this problem and provides a way to show the data using an AutoCAD table.

That works great for single use, but what if you want a link between Excel and AutoCAD. Well That’s where Data Links come in handy. The video below goes through the steps.

Now that I can possibly make some revenue through videos on YouTube, you might see some more content presented in this fashion.


Eric C said...

Hey Chris,
This is definitely a feature I missed. I liked the videos, I have a better understanding than I think a text explanation could have done.

Neil Jones said...

Youtube = not good : as it is blocked for me (and I suspect many others) in work.....

Kevin said...

Youtube i get, but facebook i don't. When will the paranoia end?

geonerd said...

it's not paranoia, it's bandwidth. My company blocks YouTube to save on bandwidth or else we would all have limited internet usage. Maybe you could post the transcript with the video.

Christopher Fugitt said...

Videos are all impromptu, so there isn't a transcript available.


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