Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is DropBox Obsolete?

Today Dell announced a new Multi-User 2U Rack Workstation for 3D Workloads. It got me thinking, is DropBox already on the road to obsolescence? It would appear the world is moving away from desktop computing and towards server based computing power. In 5 years will we be working on computers at our desk or through remote servers located in our offices or at a centralized location? If it does move this direction then DropBox in it’s current form becomes unnecessary for sharing files. Instead we will log in and use the data where it is stored.

While Dell is branding the product as a Workstation it appears to be more of a specialized server with supped up processing power for doing computations. In addition to the processing power, you also get to access the files from a central location, supplanting the need to copy data from one location to another. Essentially eliminating the need for DropBox. Will forward thinking owners grab control of the data and processing of the models?

Based on presentations by Autodesk the past two years at Autodesk University, Autodesk appears to have desires to move Autodesk products from the desktop to remote locations away from the users. Why have the architecture, structural, mechanical, and civil models in separate office locations when you can have them all in one location so they can talk to each other in real time. All of this depends on the world continuing to improve connection speeds. It has yet to be shown if this can be accomplished in the United States. Rural and semi-rural locations still are plagued with relatively slow data connections.

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Anonymous said...

Not......DropBox is making a dedicated server obsolete for a small business in one location where files can be easily shared with DropBox.


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