Monday, July 30, 2012

The Pace of Releases

Today press releases come and go. Products get announced and then new products get announced. Sometimes I’m on top of of it and sometimes I fall a bit behind. I’m currently behind and struggling to catch Dell Precision mobile workstation family 4Covetup, with press releases and other work. One such item I’ve neglected to keep up on is the new release of Dell Precision Mobile Workstations. Last week Dell announced their new workstation models designed for design professionals, the M4700, the M6700, and the Covet.

I’m not a big hardware guy, I just want to open up the cover and start working. As long as it’s going good, I’m going to be happy. The majority of the time I've been happy with the previous version. The next version looks just as good or even better. There’s even a model if you are into the prestige of an Apple like product called the Covet.

In this model Dell has included power saving methods to extend battery life by limiting the graphic card’s use when using light weight computing, such as checking email or surfing the web. While it’s not a complete solution since you have to still change the plethora of  power settings, Dell claims it will extend battery life for nearly all business day use.

Each of the products have have access to some of the most powerful processors and memory. In addition there is more options to have more storage with an additional storage slot. The products are 100% BFR PVC free, Energy STAR compliant, and EPEAT registered if you care about these types of things. I find the previous model adequate for my life on the go. Just today I traveled on a train doing the work. The one thing I do miss is a second monitor, but I don’t think that’s an issue with the product. It could just be lazy me not wanting to carry a monitor around. Plus I was assigned a seat without a tray table. I’ll probably skip this model, since I tend to keep my computer for 2 or 3 three years, but if you are like me and don’t mind buying a semi-custom machine you’ll probably want to check out this laptop.

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forest.peterson said...

Christopher, in late spring I bought a W110er - it is an 11" laptop with a 3.7Ghz IvyBridge quadcore and 8GB of 1866Mhz memory. I'd have gotten the dual core but they were not available yet - same for faster cpu and memory.

For perspective, that is the same specs as my custom built watercooled workstation; it handles C3D a bit better too. I plug in a 28" monitor for more screen space. Cooling while working in C3D requires a large fan under the laptop - it works. And, it was half the cost of my workstation. I am happy with it and my productivity has improved by 50%.


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