Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three Ring Circus

Some exhibitors at Autodesk University are similar to small elementary school fairs, such as Quux Software. Other exhibitors have a three ring circus such as Hewlett Packard, also known as HP.  It’s not surprising that HP would have a large presence at Autodesk University with the wide range of products they provide. They sell printers, plotters, laptops, and workstations! Oh my!

Being a super small business, I found the HP Designjet T120 intriguing. A small footprint to not clutter up a small office too much with the ability to print out full size plans. While I’m not a fan of full size plans, I have printed out quite a number of sheets this year at the local blue print location. There is also the T520 ePrinter series. There’s lots of great features in these printers. Click the links to find out more.

I was also interested in the HP Z1 Workstation. If I had a small office I’d probably look into the Z1 workstation. It’s got a small footprint since the computer is included in the monitor. So it would remove some of the cables. It would also make moving the computer easier. Plus opening it up shows that most of the innards are easy to access.

I’m too lazy this evening to add pictures to this post. Feel free to mosey on over the HP’s website to get some fancy pictures of the products.


Anonymous said...

Z1 is overpriced compared to new 27-inch iMac. Check iMac's specs at and see it yourself. Not to mention the ugly outdated looks of Z1. In case anyone asks: Windows 7 & Autodesk products run perfectly fine on a Mac (see BootCamp).

Donal McMoreland said...

@Anonymous - no sign of Civil 3D on that BootCamp list

Anonymous said...

I've been running C3D off BootCamp for more than 3 years. It's all good. I'm working on all-flash MacBook Pro with Retina display today. Best thing you can access your BootCamp partition any time from OS X if you'll buy VMware Fusion. Give it a go — won't regret it.


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