Friday, March 29, 2013

Civil 3D 2014 – Maintenance Mode

Autodesk has announced the release of Civil 3D 2014. From the looks of it Civil 3D 2014 is in maintenance mode. The existing pressure pipes have been improved with new features and some other minor fixes, but no additional BIM objects in the product. It will be interesting to see if Autodesk poured resources into improving the speed and stability of this new release.

If we don’t see any improvements in speed or bug fixes would it be safe to assume Autodesk has put Civil 3D out to pasture like they did with Land Desktop? Is InfraWorks the new replacement? Only time will tell once users start using Civil 3D 2014 in production.

Am I totally wrong and Civil 3D 2015 will be busting out of the seams with new BIM objects?

What do you think?


Wes Ashworth said...

I was told there will be a push for "built in" hydrology. I sure hope so. I've been waiting 20 years on that.

Unknown said...

Agreed... preview of River Analysis last year in 2012. R2014 had better provide R.A., at least for subscription users at a minimum.
Terrain Modeler was... well awesome too! Again, one can only hope BOTH!
Other preview posts say the only additional Civil3D objects are the pressure pipes, as was expected from R2013.

Cyndy Davenport said...

River and Flood Analysis is available in the Ultimate Suite. So if you got deep pockets...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is the sad truth.
Now the marketing fell in love with Infraworks (Aka Infrastructure modeler, aka...), that is good because it has a new software engine.

But doing real civil engineering design is something different than "playing" with "digital cities"

sad story is that many of the 2005 promises are still not realized


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