Monday, January 06, 2014

HP Large Format Printing

This year at Autodesk University HP highlighted (among other products) the new HP Designjet T2500 eMultifunction Printer. designjetT2500_frontThe printer combines printing, scanning, and copying into one device. The printer size is approximately 4.5’ wide by 3’ deep and approximately 3.5’ high. HP is directing this compact model towards the AEC, CAD, and GIS professionals. I’ve come to learn to ask what problem are you solving with your product? One problem HP is solving with this printer is the working with others in remote offices, on a construction site, or on the go.

The scanning portion of the device provides a way to communicate redlines from the dinosaurs in your office. This way they may conveniently take out their red marker and make suggestions to how the information should be related to others. The paper drawings, after scanning, will provide a digital copy for others to consume. Whether it’s printing at a remote location or viewing on the screen. This also provides a way for redlines from other sources to be turned into digital copies.

With the HP Designjet ePrint & Share web service it makes it a breeze to T2500_Standard_Left_01share with others. One can view, access, and print from remote places using a computer, web browser, or application. This makes it easy to skip out of the office early and print to the printer making it seem like you stayed the whole day. Another benefit is being able to access FTP sites directly from the printer. This enables printing directly from the printer or the web service. No need to download the files and then print them out, the printer will do it for you.

Products have to have ideas in order to be put into action. For the printer HP went directly to the users of their large format printers to come up with 149616880ideas for the printer. One idea, already mentioned, is the small size of the printer. Another idea is including a small workspace to layout the plans on so the printer may be turned into a water cooler location to discuss the products. No need to go back to a conference room or back to the desk, the plans may be discussed right there.

I heard a joke about the cost of print jet ink; it wasn’t funny so I won’t repeat it here and with this printer not totally applicable to the printer. Why you may ask? Well this printer uses up to 50% less ink then other printers printing out the same images. While I’m sure the ink is still expensive relative to the volume, it uses the ink economically.

Another feature the security conscious will benefit from is the optional ability to include security disk arrays. The printer allows for encrypted hard drives. The security conscious includes military, oil & gas, and other people who don’t want you to know what they are printing.


A.J. Whitaker said...

Chris - These seem perfect for a decentralized business model like mine where the production team is scattered across the globe. What is the price range on these?

Christopher Fugitt said...

It's still on the high end of the spectrum at a starting point of around $8,500. It looks like HP does have a lease price starting at $231. Depending on scanning volume I could see the lease price having a fairly good paypack return instead of going to a copier/scanner place.

A.J. Whitaker said...

Ouch! They are going to struggle to convince smaller operations that there is a better return on investment over just using the local blueprinter.


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