Thursday, February 05, 2015

CadMouse Will Join the Fight

A new mouse is on the scene called CadMouse that is looking to land on your desktop. The CadMouse, developed by 3DConnexion, aims to provide an improved right hand experience. They have previously developed tools for the left hand with their 3D Mice. The most obvious improvement is the large middle mouse. It’s often used while performing CAD CadMouse_ISO_Right_Front_RGBtasks and hidden as a press with the wheel. For some users the middle button as the wheel is a bit hard to utilize. This mouse should help make the middle button easier to press.

In addition to the big middle button it comes with a QuickZoom feature where the ability to zoom is available to one’s thumb. The wheel also provides for scrolling just like a regular mouse, but with the added benefit of providing a click to click zooming experience. I’ve never really had any issues with the speed of my mice in the past, but if you have it also sports an advanced laser sensor which is being billed as way to get better precision.

In addition there is a gesture button that activates a context sensitive on-screen radial menu. Since CAD users tend to move their mice a whole lot, some estimate up to 1km per week, there are some ptfe feet on the mouse optimally shaped to provide a smooth feel across surfaces.

The 3Dconnexion CadMouse will be available at the end of February at a suggested retail price of $99. More information on the mouse may be found here. I haven’t used the mouse yet, so don’t know how good it might be.

I’m supposed to let you know I’ve gotten free product from 3DConnexion in the past, or at least that’s what I’ve heard the FTC desires.

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