Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Dynamic Assembly Labels in Civil 3D

Brian Hailey over at the Civil 3D Plus blog recently did a post entitled Dynamic Assembly Labels in Civil 3D. I thought for sure he missed something, since his process is way labor intensive. Plus when I create Assemblies they are automatically dynamically labeled, I don’t have to do a thing at all.

At first I thought Brian missed a setting in Civil 3D that turns on this wonderful feature. Then I remembered he knows the product inside and out and I should check to see why my version of Civil 3D was broken in such a spectacular way.

It turns out my installation has this program called the SincPac. Within the SincPac there is a command called SP_LabelAssemblySettings. This command has an option to automatically label new subassemblies and it automates the steps laid out by Brian.

LabelAssembly Settings Dialog

So while Brian had to do a bunch of clicks for each and every subassembly he creates; all I have to do is create a subassembly and BAM! my Assembly is labeled. I’d call that a Dynamic Assembly Label. So if you want to save your self a minute of work when creating an Assembly then you should try out the SincPac.

Disclaimer: I write programs for the SincPac (although not this one). Here is my latest improvements to the Sewer Lateral Linking Command.

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