Sunday, January 29, 2017

Word Paste as Text

Often times I’m copying from a webpage or from another document I want to only include text. In the past I’ve created my own Macro and then created a keyboard shortcut to the macro.

I recently found an easier way to this without the macro. To do this go to the File button and choose Options. From the Word Options dialog box choose Customize Ribbon.


Then press the Customize Button. From the Categories column select All Commands and in the Commands column select PasteTextOnly.


Type your new shortcut in the Press new shortcut key and then press Assign to add it to the list. I’ve used Ctrl + Shift + V as my shortcut, but you can use what your preference. I’d avoid the standard Word shortcuts. Then Press Close and then you can use the keyboard sequence to paste as text.

1 comment:

Guido said...


that is also one of my basic settings (non Autocad, non Civil 3D) when I setup a fresh computer.
It also works the same on a Mac (although I don't love the Mac version of Office...)




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