Sunday, November 12, 2017

Civil 3D API Wishlist

My Civil 3D API Wishlist. Feel free to add your wishes in the comments.

  • Expressions – Ability to apply them to label component properties. These include, but are limited to, text height, line length, block scale, rotation angle, X Offset, Y Offset, Maximum Width, Gap, Fixed Length, Angle, Start Point X Offset, End Point X Offset, Start Point Y Offset, End Point Y Offset, and anyone that I missed.
  • Profile View Bands – Ability to get a label by station.
  • Profile View Bands – Labels having properties applicable to what they are labeling. Such as Station, Offset, Curve Length, etc… (Maybe a way to get the available properties in the UI in a method call).
  • Profile View Bands – Pipe Network – Ability to add invert elevations to the band at Structure Walls (inside and outside).
  • Survey Database – Finish it (or probably start it) for .NET. Have the ability to everything in the UI in the API.
  • Pressure Pipe Network – Document it in the other portion of the API as well as finishing it. Have the ability to everything in the UI in the API.
  • Data Shortcuts – Add the ability to create a reference.
  • Data Shortcuts – Add the ability to change the current Data Shortcuts Working Folder (without using the XML hack).
  • Data Shortcuts – Ability to create data shortcuts for use in other drawings.
  • Feature Lines – Fix the add PI method to work correctly. Currently it appears to find the closest point and will put the PI in the wrong location.
  • Surface Analysis – Lighten up on the rules on when analysis are added to the rows. I should be able to create a long list, even if not applicable to the current surface. This way the code could be run easier.
  • Surface Analysis – Add the missing analysis types to the API.
  • Point Label Location – Fix it so you can apply the current location without having to reset with each property change. Currently it moves relative to the last location.
  • Profile – A method to find the currently selected profile view based on profile selected.
  • QTO – Create an API so it can be expanded and easily assigned to objects. Ability to extract the data from the drawing(s).
  • Profile – Allow for the station to be before or after the end of the alignment. The exception that is provided here is not productive. Especially when the station is 1+01.999 and the user wants to use 1+02.00.
  • Intersection – Allow the API to create an Intersection.
  • Linked Alignments  – Allow the API to create.
  • Linked Profiles – Allow the API to create.
  • UDP – Make more robust to changes.
  • Parcels – Finish the .NET API.
  • Subassemblies – Allow for the cleanup of the properties window after a subassembly is swapped out with a new one.


Justin Ralston said...


Would agree with all of those Civil3d has always been lacking in various areas of the api. A little bit of focus and it would be able to be sorted reasonably quickly I would of thought.

industrialshoppingmall said...



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