Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Using Map Book To Plot Cross Sections

To plot cross sections using Map Book do the following:

1. Create cross sections.

2. Create Multiple Section Views, have them plot out in one continuous row with the spacing between them of zero. To get this to work properly determine what size you want you viewport to be in you template. Then create a custom size page size to match the dimensions of the viewport. Make sure the border distances are zero.

3. Go to the Map Menu and choose Map Book.

4. When the dialog box comes up work from the top to the bottom.
  • Source: Use Model Space

  • Sheet Template: Fill out all of the fields. The scale factor will vary depending on what scale the drawing scale. So it may take some trial and error to get the correct scale. Use the Preview Tiles to see if the lines of the tiles match the sheets. Make sure the viewport in the template matches the size of the Sheet of the section views.

  • Tiling Scheme: Choose by area then select the area in model space that has all of the section views. Use 0% overlap of each tile. Set the layer to one that will not plot, unless you want to see it plot.
  • You can skip the naming scheme if you want.
  • You can skip the key.
  • You can skip the Legend.
  • You can either create a new Sheet Set or create a new subset to an existing sheet set.
  • You can use the Preview Tiles to see what they look like.

5. Click Generate and the sections will be generated in the sheet.

The files I used are located here:

To create a template for the Map Book you will need to Identify Template Placeholders in the template. To do this go type _MAPBOOKPLACEHOLDER in the template then choose the viewport in paperspace. You can also do this under MapBook in the Task Pane under Tools. To show the Task Pane type mapwspace at the command line. More information can be found in Help or on this site:

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