Monday, February 11, 2008

Pipe Network From Profile

In the office I currently work in we just use profiles to show the pipes for water lines. I've been thinking we should change the profiles into pipes so we can show the pipes in other plans than the water plans. This is the way I think would be an easy way to it.

First copy the profile you want to create a pipe network imagefrom. Then move the profile, if required, to make sure the profile is at the center of the pipe. Now make the style of the profile to show the 3D chainage in the 2D view and explode the profile twice.


Now turn the 3D polyline into a feature line, go ahead and weed the feature line. You will want to make the lengths long enough to get rid of all of the PI's along the tangents to minimize the number of structures that we won't need. Now fit the curves, if you have any.

Now create a pipe network from object and use imagethe feature line, choose the direction you want and make sure the Use vertex elevations is checked. imageYou should now have a pipe network that follows the original profile. Add the pipe network to the profile view to make sure it worked.

There maybe some cleanup that you need to do, but most of the work is done.

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