Sunday, April 20, 2008

Extra Pipe Types

The English UK Country Kit Update has been updated. The thing that caught my eye was additional pipe sizes and types. Below is the list that is included. They are all in metric, but changing them to english units would probably be a little easier than starting from scratch (but would still be a pain). Here is the link to download them:

PE Pipes
PVC-O Pipes (Uponor Mondial)
PVC-u pipes
Cast Iron Class AB
Cast Iron Pipe Class CD
Clay pipes
Concrete pipes
Copper Pipes
Ductile Iron Pipes
Pvc Pipe
Spun Iron pipe
Steel API SL pipes
Steel BS1387 Pipes
Steel BS3600 Pipes
Steel ISO 4200 Pipes Series 1
Steel ISO4200 Series 2
Steel ISO4200 Series 3
Comms ducting multiway
Ovoid Concrete Pipe
Generic Circular pipe


Ibrahim said...

The link does not work.

Christopher Fugitt said...

Here is a new link:


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