Monday, October 19, 2009

Civil 3D Blogger Day – My Notes

My notes so far:

What’s covered: Subscription Advantage Pack, End of the week goal to get content out.

Point Cloud Support

“Bring site visit home with you”

Roundabout Layout

French market already has this tool.

Wizard included to layout the roundabout. Has a graphical representation of the different settings in the wizard. Both internal alignments and the flares entering the roundabout. No vertical design. Drag entering flares to see if the roundabout fits to see if additional right of way is required.

Visualization and Analysis Tools

Site visibility tool. To see if a driver can see an obstruction, a green disk.

Drive, select alignment, or feature line, it follows the profile of an alignment. Goes through the design, kind of like the cross section viewer for corridors, except you get the full 3D view of the surroundings.

Green arrow can see, red you can’t see. Line from road to a surface. The dragging uses a surface elevation.

Sight Distance Along Corridor. Works on both on Design Surface and Existing Surface. Magenta shows issue, green shows the design is OK.

Zone of Vertical Influence. Wind towers and cell phone towers. Green see all of it, Red can’t see it, Yellow can see part of it.

Transportation Productivity Tools

Alignment Tools

Create Best Fit Alignment: point groups or alignments. Can have two alignments, such as left and right sides. True curve and tangent.

Create Alignment from Existing: Road rehabilitation work applications. Split an alignment up.

Survey Production Tools

Zoom to Point capability

Edit figure database while in the drawing, move points around in the autolinework creation. Join, break survey figures, reverse all or part of a survey figure, create a survey figure in the drawing. Curve break, to create a compound curves, no need for a small tangent.

Miscellaneous Feature Improvements

Divide/crop surface (create subset to share into other drawings). Making smaller surfaces. Select cropped surface. The master surface changes reflect in cropped surfaces. Cropped edits don’t get pushed back to master surface.

Create surface from GIS data, takes the SHP file and assigns the elevations. Define area of interest by polyline. View with FDO for a preview and then bring in area of interest. Assign the correct elevation field from the GIS file. No data link from the SHP file to the surface. We’re the ones changing the GIS data.

Minimum vertical distance between surfaces, to find the distance between the roadway and the bridge. The zero elevation gives a drawing object for a daylight line.

Other items.

Language versions.

To be installed on Civil 3D 2010 (SP2)

Probably to become integrated into Civil 3D from the Toolbox and maybe other tools available .

Can call commands from the Toolbox, so each one has a command. Can create a ribbon, but has a short life.

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