Friday, September 10, 2010

Utility Access Covers of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles owns quite a bit of utilities such as water and power. Here are some utility manholes and utility access covers I came across in a recent visit.

2010-09-09 065

The next one is interesting, notice the manhole is slightly below the adjacent pavement surfaces. It seems that the City of Los Angeles’ utility departments do not want Public Works department hired contractors to adjust manhole covers to grade. Unfortunately it seems like the utility departments don’t want to do it either. What you end up with are manhole covers that were never raised to grade, but uncovered, or manholes that are hidden beneath asphalt pavement.

2010-09-09 051

I’m kind of surprised advertisements are allowed on manhole covers such as this one.

2010-09-09 066

A basic SD cover.

2010-09-09 067

No doubt what this cover is for.

2010-09-09 068

A decorative cover.

2010-09-09 076

2010-09-09 071

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