Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Civil 3D and VDC

The people at Sundt are at it again writing about VDC. A recent article was published over at ENR (PDF) on how they’ve leveraged Civil 3D corridors to help in creating quantities for construction projects. It would appear they have fully embraced modeling and used SubAssembly Composer to model retaining walls, pipe excavations, and other linear construction. Having done construction quantity take offs earlier in my career, I can definitely see the benefits of using design software to come up with the quantities.
Go check out the article and think about how you should be designing your projects. Shouldn’t we incorporate what they are doing into the design. This benefit would be more accurate designs, the ability to recognize conflicts with other utilities. Shouldn’t a BIM product have theses features? Why aren’t you asking for them?
P.S.: If you are the person asking for a conceptual design tool, please knock it off so Autodesk can spend money on BIM instead.


forest.peterson said...

I second the request that whoever is pushing for a conceptual design tool - please knock it off.

Anonymous said...

the link to the ENR website is down

Christopher Fugitt said...

There is now a link to the PDF of the article.


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