Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Replace Last Entity

Finally I’ve created the million dollar application that you won’t be able to live without. In reality the application is priceless, but I’ve reduced it to an extremely affordable price of only $1,000,000. This app does what you were waiting for. It replaces the last profile entity from an entity and replaces it with a brand new refreshed copy.

You may have experienced drawing slow down in the past and wondered what the cause was. It just might have been due to a tired worn out last profile entity being the slowest chain in the link of objects. Autodesk may have told you in the past it was due to large amount of data in the drawing. My research as determined in reality it is caused by a tired last profile entity segment. Since I started using this application my drawing regen times have been increased by 3,500% (your results may vary).

The program is available in the Civil 3D App Store. After installing the program, type C3DRReplaceLastEntity at the command line, select the design profile, and sit back and watch your drawing performance improve exponentially. It’s like buying a new computer from the future to get the unlimited computing power of tomorrow. Here is the command in action: see how easy it is to use? I’m sure it will be your go to tool when drawing performance starts to go downhill.

Another feature of this million dollar app is it fixes a glaring error in the newly announced Civil 3D 2015. A new feature allows you to extend a fixed or floating tangent or parabola to the extents of the profile view the object is currently in. To accomplish this it adds a line or curve extension to the end of the profile view. This makes it possible to hide the added portion of the profile, while still using the extension in a corridor. This would let the corridor not go to zero elevation. Unfortunately if you decide to adjust the last profile entity you can’t get rid of the extension line. Since this million dollar app replaces the last segment, it also gets rid of the extended line or curve. Think of how quick your return on investment will be for this app. Since Civil 3D 2015 was light on new features, and for this new feature to be included, I'm sure it will be quickly recouped.

To celebrate the release of this application I’m going to give away this application to the first million people to request it on the first day of April. That’s a value of $1 Trillion dollars I’m giving away. I must be crazy. To get a copy fill out this survey. Yes, it is that easy to get a copy of this million dollar app!

The survey is now closed and you have lost the opportunity to get the million dollar app for free. It doesn't look like the app was accepted into the Civil 3D App Store. If you'd like to purchase email me (link to the upper right) and we can make payment arrangements. While this post is an April's Fools day post the app does replace the last profile entity in Civil 3D 2015 in case you extended the profile and now want to have it show correctly. It must be worth that price since Autodesk wasn't willing to spend the supposed countless hours to include the command in Civil 3D 2015 to do it themselves.


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