Thursday, December 18, 2014

Die Viewcube, Die!!!!

I tried to like the viewcube that shows up in the corner of the screen. I really did, but it kept getting in the way. I needed to put it out of my misery. In order to do this you’ll want to go into OPTIONS. In options head over to the 3D Modeling Tab and then in the Display Tools in Viewport uncheck the 2D Wireframe visual style and possibly the All other visual styles check boxes. The viewcube will then go away.


This tends to be the number one tip people enjoy the most when I teach Civil 3D and I can definitely understand why.


Brian Hailey said...

I think it comes in handy when working in a 3D environment and doing a lot of 3D navigating. I usually recommend to turn it off in the 2D visualization style and to try it in the other styles. If it's still annoying, then get rid of it.

Mark said...

My biggest problem with it is that it will adjust the view even in a view-locked viewport. If you click on that thing by accident you're pooched!
Die, die, die!


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