Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Creating Formulas for SAC

When creating formulas for Subassembly Composer (SAC) it can get confusing on how you want to set up checks and even look up values. For instance you may want to grab a value from a table to determine the dimensions to use. Recently I’ve started using Excel to help me grab the appropriate values.

I start by creating an enumeration, under the view tab in SAC, and add an item for each case. If I have a complex table I will use the CONCATENATE option to join the strings together.


The formula for the enumName is:


Then I can copy and paste the value from Excel into SAC without having to think too hard.

Then I can build If/Then statements to grab the appropriate value from the table of data.


So the formula for the various item looks like this:


The CHAR(13) is a carriage return so once in SAC everything is formatted nicely.

The IF/Then values are then combined in another cell, something like this:


No I can easily build expressions to find values from a table in SAC.


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