Thursday, November 22, 2018

Dead Blog?

Why is this blog seemingly dead? Part of the reason is me being busy travelling the State of California teaching a bunch. The other part is me boycotting the main source of topics of this blog, the Autodesk Forums. Autodesk decided to redo the their forums. In doing so it has made it more difficult to post and reply. They added a ton of white space (which on some pages has been reduced), put a bunch of meaningless text and other input boxes between the Enter Details and the Post button. My goal is to type an answer, press Post and move on to my next task. Currently I have to type and then scroll down to press Post. Heaven forbid you scroll down too far and accidently press the Reply button.

So until Autodesk adds a Post button below the Enter Details box, I plan to continue my boycott of the Forums. Until then I foresee this blog to be devoid of content.


1 comment:

R.K. McSwain said...

Chris, you can easily move the POST button using your own personal CSS.

But the larger question is... why should you have to?
What UI/UX designer thinks the current situation is ideal? Makes no sense.


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