Friday, February 26, 2021

Cleaning a Maytag MHW5630HW2 Drain Pump Filter

I couldn’t find the instructions on how to clean out the Maytag MHW5630HW2’s drain pump filter. Most videos covered other manuals that required removing the front cover, taking off the back cover, or some combination of the two. 

There is a different way to accomplish the task. 

1. Unplug the power and turn off the water. 

2. Pull out the washer to a location where you can lean the washer up so you can gain access to the big hole that resides at the bottom of the washer. 


3. Pull out the four pins that hold the baseplate that holds the drain pump. The pins are number 19 in the image below. The grommets are number 19 and the drain pump filter is items 13 to 15. 


4. Detach the two electrical connectors on either side of the drain pump. 

5. Pull them out from under the washer enough to gain access to the black drain pipe and then unplug item 18 from it and have it drain into a vessel that can contain all of the water. In my case, I had to replug the black drain pipe twice to empty my vessel. 

6. After the water stops coming out of the black drain pipe, place the plug back in. 

7. Twist the drain pump filter, item 13, to open it up. Be careful because even more water will come out. Make sure to have your vessel ready to capture the water. 

8. Clean the drain pump filter and remove any objects obstructing it. In my case, there was some fabric that made its way down. 

9. To reassemble the removed parts, I found the best way was to remove the grommets from the base plate holding the drain pump at the front of the washer.

10. Then place the two grommets into the holes at the front of the washer. 

11. Place the two pins into the grommets at the front of the washer. 

12. Push the base plate with the drain pump into the grommets. It should slide right in. 

13. Position the two grommets that are still on the base plate into the two holes furthest away from the front of the washer. 

14. Add the pins to the grommets to secure the base plate to the washer. 

15. Put the washer back on the ground. 

16. Push the washer back into place and then turn back on the water and plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet. 

Screenshots taken from Appliance Parts Pros, I have no idea where they got their images and they did not sponsor this blog post.


Unknown said...

I kid you not--I literally just had to do this and ran into the same problem. I tried all the other ways and there was no access. Thank you!

Christopher Fugitt said...

Did it again today.

Anonymous said...

This is a stackable washer. It has a dryer on top. That's ridiculous for something that should be routine maintenance

MaryS said...

Thank you so much for these directions!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to whoever took the time to post this! You saved me hours of laundry mat time, money to not have to pay a Maytag Repairman, and the gratification of fixing it myself! Sincerely, now a Maytag Repair Woman😁

Anonymous said...

I had error codes for excessive suds, then excess drain cycles. Clothes came out soaked until drain/spin cycle. Most likely pump clogged.
Decided to go from the rear panel. Unhooked the drain hose and drained into bucket.
Was able to pull back the small pump drain hose back with minimal spill. Replugged (ended up drilling the support hole larger so it can be pushed thru with plug in place)
With water drained I disconnected the large tub to pump hose and found debris plugging it.
I did not attempt to unscrew the pump clean out because it face front and concerns about reinstalling. May be some more hair etc tied up but it felt pretty clear from the backside.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for this information. Maytag really did nor think this one through. Terrible design for something that must be cleaned or at least checked regularly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these instructions. I consider myself to be mechanically-inclined, and although this was not difficult …it does pose a few problems. I had the washer unplugged and water OFF, then pulled away from the wall so it could be tilted about 45 degrees and leaning against the wall. Put a security stand under the raised front to prevent it being wiggled during ‘surgery’ and falling forward !
From there, prepare to spend an hour on the floor under the washer. At 5’10” and 210 lbs, it is possible to be under the washer but it is challenging for some of the upward angles and getting your arm inside and around parts of the pump.
I just pushed the front grommets up and out as they are easiest to remove, leaving the rubber bumpers in place. The back grommets can be pushed out …but they are the challenge to press back in to place, as you need your arms inside the washer and over parts of the pump to access them. You cannot re-install the rubber bumpers with the nylon grommets still inside the rubber.
I did not bother with the small drain plug and just removed the large 2 1/4” spring clip off the discharge hose to drain the water.
I opted to replace the spring clip with a proper hose clamp, as there is not any type of lip to keep that discharge pipe in place.
Truly TERRIBLE design by Maytag as the screen to be cleaned faces the inside of the bottom part of the complete washer face and is nearly impossible to reach unless the washer is laid over on its back to be accessed from the bottom. Helpful article and steps !


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