Saturday, August 06, 2022

Visual Studio Code => Setup Java Maybe?

These are some random notes. Ignore. 

This installs wsl from Terminal in Visual Studio Code:

  • sudo apt install wsl
This sets JAVA_HOME, but really didn't work. Needed to install java on WSL2:
  • export JAVA_HOME="/mnt/c/DeleteMe/java/"
This installs java jdk:
  • sudo apt install default-jdk
WSL commands were not working as expected. The WSL needed to be updated to get everything setup correctly. I, unfortunately, didn't write down the command. 

To view a file in Visual Studio Code, just click on the file in Explorer. It's possible to do in Terminal, but I think I'm a GUI person at this point.

Rebuild in the Java Projects, not the files.
For the code, need to rebuild and clear any errors.

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