Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pipe Rules - Using Custom Descriptions

When you create your custom rule, you will probably want to use a custom name for the input you want to use. To do this use the code from the Set Sump Depth Rule. The applicable code snippet is the following:

' Get the doubles parameters
Dim oParamsDouble As AeccPipeParamsDouble
Set oParamsDouble = oNetworkState.ParamsDouble

' Hardcoded for Service Pack 1. Will globalize for C3D 2008 (Cannon).
Dim strSumpDepth As String
strSumpDepth = "Sump Depth"

Dim dSumpDepth As Double
dSumpDepth = oParamsDouble.Value(strSumpDepth)

The item in quotations is what is shown in the DisplayName in the Civil3DRules.xml file, so just change "Sump Depth" to match what is set in your rule.

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