Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vertical Curve Across Profile

vSometimes a vertical curve crosses between sheets, like the picture below:

The way I get past this problem is to create a style for the left side and the right side. The problem in the label is that the dimension line that goes across references both vertical portions of the label. Since Civil 3D doesn't draw the right line (as in the case of the picture above), it puts the label information on the left side of the label.

Go in and copy the vertical curve label. Go in and change the anchor point for the Use End Point Anchor to false. If you exit the label composer you will find the length of the dimension line is either to short or to long. To get the correct length of the dimension line take the End of the Profile View minus the BVCS and then divide by the drawing scale to get the required distance of the dimension line. Now make the dimension arrow to the right to not show.

The label should look like something like this:

Now just create one for the right side. Since in the office I work we have on drawing per sheet, we just need one style. If you have more than one sheet per drawing you will have a bunch of additional label styles or children.

A link to the left side label.

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TommieR said...

With Civil 3D 2008, you don't have to do any calculations. Just change the End Point Anchor Point:

from Anchor Curve End
to Anchor Curve End in View


from Anchor Curve End Dimension
to Anchor Curve End in View Dimension.

Same goes for Start Point Anchor. Use:

Anchor Curve Start in View or
Anchor Curve Start in View Dimension

Be sure and change the appropriate arrowhead visibility state to false for curves at the end of a profile view and for curves at the beginning of a profile view.


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