Monday, May 25, 2009

Input Wanted – Post Style

I’ve been working on a routine that will allow you to add a command to Civil 3D that will allow you to right click on a selected point and add the selected point to a point group. The command was in LDD and probably should be included in Civil 3D. So far the code is getting quite extensive and long. I usually add commentary as I modify and add to the code but am not sure if it is worth it. I’m thinking about going to a method of posting code that is similar to method used in Through the Interface. Through the Interface uses a few paragraphs describing what the end goal of the code is, without explaining the minutia of the code, and then shows the code on how it was completed.

What’s your opinion? Should I stick with what I have been doing, or should I go with the abridged version? Or did you just find the site via search engine and don’t really care? For the 10th responder I’ll give a copy of Mastering Civil 3D 2009. No responses will be shown until the 10th response is received.


Allen Robberson Jr. said...

yes go to the abridged version would be awesome

Unknown said...

Personally, I would like to see the code really well explained, but for long code, I see how that can be a problem, so, maybe just explain the "trickier" parts.

Mark J said...

I've appreciated the way ou explain in depth. Not being a programmer this always helps trying to implement the tips. I could see how doing this for a large amount of code would be very time consuming though.

Maybe a hybrid style, explain the short and abridge the long.

dan elkins said...

I vote to go with the 'through the interface' option but return to your previous method in future codes... unless they are also too long. by the way - your post is a great help thanks for all your hard work

Anonymous said...

Okay. Can I post 10 times?

I think the commentary explaining the programmers thought process along the way is a great help for us noobs. :)

John Mayo, PE

Wes Ashworth said...

I like the way your doing it now.


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