Monday, August 24, 2009

Headed to Omaha, Nebraska

I’m headed to Omaha, Nebraska this week. I often wonder how many people are actually using Civil 3D. Looking at the data from Google Analytics it would appear that not too many people are using Civil 3D and reading my blog (or searching the internet) in the Cornhusker State. Looking at the data closer it looks like there is one regular reader of the blog in the entire state, he/she works for a large architectural, engineering and consulting firm based out of Omaha.

I was looking for activities to do after the training seminar I’m going to. I noticed I missed the Omaha Civil 3D Users Group by a week. I’m planning on going to an Omaha Royals game on Wednesday if I can find my way by bus or foot from the hotel to the stadium. Do you have any suggestions on what to do in the evenings in Omaha?



Unknown said...

Hey I see me on the left (better) end of the state :D I worked in Omaha for a couple years, I'm surprised you don't have more visitors from Omaha, there are several very large engineering firms based there (HDR, Leo A Daly). Downtown has a lot of nicely renovated original buildings, with plenty of decent places to eat and a few shops. The stadium is kinda off by itself, I don't remember too many hotels in the area, but if you're going down there definitely hit the Henry Doorly Zoo, it's amazing.
or the botanical gardens if you're into that

Brent Daley said...

I worked in Omaha from 2000 to 2006. John is right, there are a lot of engineering firms there, besides HDR, and Leo A Daly, there is TD2, Kirkham Michael, E&A Engineering, plus a lot of medium sized firms. I think people need to use blogs more for sure, lots of interesting, and productive new ways of accomplishing things.


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