Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Label Bearing/Distance Between Two Points

Have you ever wanted to label the bearing/distance between two points? You can by utilizing a Dynamic Block.

To get this capability I started by utilizing a dynamic block I found in the Dynamic Blocks Discussion Group. I’m not quite sure how to recreate it, but it served its purpose on creating a starting point. I then deleted all of the stuff I didn’t need in the block in the block editor. I then dragged the ends of line to the grip points.

Next I added a bearing and distance label to the line while in block editor. In order to get the line not to show I created a visibility state and then made the visibility state to not show the line or the visibility grip.

Now after inserting the drawing you can move the grips to the points. I then realized the block was at the wrong scale. In order to fix that I found the BMAKE command which allows you to change the units of the block by redefining it.

You can check out the block by downloading this drawing:


Unknown said...

That's a great idea. I've cleaned it up a little bit using the new construction geometry in 2010 so there are no visibility states and getting rid of some extra actions.

Let me know what you think.

Christopher Fugitt said...

That's a lot cleaner than my block. Thanks Brian.

Anonymous said...

Civil 3D is a joke....


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