Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Civil 3D Reminders Pack Commands

A reminder list of commands, for me, that are in the working copy of the Civil 3D Reminders Pack and what they do. I’ve changed some of the command names so they have the C3DR prefix before them and this version has not been posted to the Civil 3D Reminders Pack page. All of the commands are in the free version except for the commands colored in blue. Set up to work for Civil 3D 2010 only.


C3DRUpdateSewerLaterals – Adjusts sewer lateral pipe network to the appropriate main line pipe network. After running the command the sewer laterals are then dynamically linked, if a main line pipe moves the lateral will update as long as the change is in the Z direction. If the main line pipe is moved in the X-Y plane then the lateral will not updated until the laterals are moved to the main line pipe. They will then dynamically update again.

C3DRLinkCrossingProfileViewLabel – Attaches a MLeader to a pipe in a profile view. When the pipe moves the MLeader will move to the correct location as long as the pipe still is crossing the profile view’s corresponding alignment.

C3DRLOADLINKS – Loads the links for the Profile Crossing Label.

C3DRTurnOffLINKS – Temporarily turns off the dynamic capabilities of the crossing pipe label and sewer lateral

C3DRSAVELINKS – Saves the links for the crossing pipe label.

C3DRPipeInfo – Gets pipe information while hovering over a pipe. Was going to make this into a Quick Edit Pipe command, but didn’t know what to do to the next pipe since pipe rules are not exposed in the API.

C3DRendPipeInfo – Gets the end pipe info while hovering over a pipe.

C3DRPIW – Adjusts a pipe to the inside edge of a structure. Started making this dynamic, but haven’t finished it.

C3DRAddPIWEvents – A start to making the C3DRPIW dynamic.

C3DRRemovePIWEvents – A start to turning off the dynamic C3DRPIW that I haven’t finished.

C3DRChangeMannings – Command to change the Manning’s value for multiple selected pipes.

C3DRSwapParts – Allows the user to swap multiple pipe and structure pipes at one time.


C3DRXREFCorridor3DPolyline – Extract a 3D Polyline from a corridor in an XREF.


C3DRScalePoints – Scales points in the X-Y Direction, but preserves the point’s elevation, Z.

C3DRAddPointToPointGroup – Adds a point to a specified point group instead of having to go into properties of the point group to add the point to a point group.


C3DRTIN – Toggles the triangles on or off for a surface.

C3DRSubgradeSurface – Creates a subgrade surface based on selected polylines representing areas of different material depths.

C3DRCreateEGSurface – Creates an EG surface utilizing point groups. The work flow is the user imports points into the drawing and then runs this command. Point groups are then created in the drawing based and added to the EG surface. (Probably needs a capability to have the user modify the point group default settings, it was set up for one company’s standards).

Things to Do:

  • Add demand loading.
  • Add license checking.
  • Lookup license language.
  • Learn C#.
  • Learn versioning.
  • Make Pipe to Inside wall dynamic to make it useful.

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