Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dynamic Crossing Pipe Label

While I’m waiting on feedback for the dynamic sewer lateral program I thought I’d start on a new project, creating a dynamic profile view label for crossing pipes. Currently you are not able to label a crossing pipe were it crosses a profile in a dynamic manner. The method I currently use utilizes a profile view label. When the pipe imagechanges location I have to manually adjust the profile view label. I’d prefer to not have to do that and just have the label update automatically.

The general steps I’m thinking of using are below:

  1. Select Profile View
  2. Select Crossing Pipe
  3. Have the user use the default label style (first one on the list) or select a profile view label style from a list of available styles.
  4. Get the alignment associated with the profile view.
  5. Check to make sure the pipe crosses the profile view’s alignment.
  6. Get the station/elevation of the pipe crossing point.
  7. Create the label and put it at the correct location.
  8. Turn on dynamic code.

Got any ideas to improve my plans? If so leave a comment.

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