Friday, January 29, 2010

Dynamic Profile Label

I’ve hit a snag on my pipe crossing label using profile view labels as shown in the video below. The label moves to an incorrect location on open since the number of grips is different from when the drawing is fully open. I’m going to head to San Francisco next week to try to get a solution to my problem at a DevLabs. Since I have some free time, and the help fits my budget (free), I thought I’d make the journey.

I’m thinking of taking the train up to San Fran and try to make a Surface label dynamic to a profile. That imageway if the profile moves the label will continue to point to the correct location. I think, except for the above grip problem, to have everything I need to accomplish it.

If you are in San Francisco and want to meet up let me know by sending me an email. I’ll be down near the Embarcadero on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Yvonne Stillman said...

Did you ever figure this one out?


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